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thank you for dropping by.. :)


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Orders by Zeti Natasya.. :)

Q Armany going to be 2 years old soon... :))
and mommy ordered this for her birthday!
thank you! :)

cadbury small chocolate wrapper

party packs top

tupperware sticker label

Happy 5th Birthday Heleena Qadija! :)

pretty girl like you deserve a happy birthday! :)
hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration...thanks kak nazreen for your little pony theme party packs orders!

pack consist of, personalized candy,snacks,sheet of stickers and birtday top..all for RM5!

Good News for Cookie Monsters! XD

Artistique Cookies are available all year round!
You can munch munch munch anytime you like! :))

check these entries for the varieties of cookies you can choose from! :)


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hanis Zalikha punya pasal! Haha..

haha..just nak share a bit! pegi page top malaysian blogger ni.. Hanis Zalikha..
then saw this video post..hehe...
sweet gak laa mamat ni kan...dia cuba nasib kot..ngee..kalau zaman sekolah dulu..flying high laa kalau ada orang dedicate video macam ni...hihi..tapi to think again..creepy pon ada! ahaks!
takut jadi stalker plak..huhu..anyway..asalkan mereka bahagia...things pple do when they fall in love..hee..

Gong Xi!! Gong Xi!! :)

Chinese New Year is almost round the corner. Other than candies, cake, cookies will always be the one which sits on the table to serve to guests which visits.

Try our home made cookies which is open for order now for the upcoming Chinese New Year. Lots of flavors to choose from. Packed nice and sweet which is purrfect for gifts.

Come in a bottle of 30s and 50s with 17 flavors to choose from and more flavors to come…

Chocolate Chip Cookies – RM28

Oat & Chips Cookies – RM28

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies – NEW - RM28

Oats & Nuts Cookies – NEW – RM28

Butter Coconut Cookies – NEW – RM24

Oats & Raisins Cookies – NEW – RM28

Gingerbread Cookie – RM24

Sugar Cookie – RM24

M & M’s Cookie – RM28

Oatmeal Cookie – RM28

Cowgirl Cookie – RM28

Cowboy Cookie – RM28

Butterscotch Chip Cookies –RM28

Raisin Crunch Cookie – RM28

Peanut Butter Cookie – RM28

Scottish Shortbread – RM28

Pecan Cookie – RM35

We do have gifts baskets too. Price starts from RM130.
Bulk orders are welcome..

email me for details! tq!

all right reserved of artistique cakes.
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